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Who made you text for the first time?

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Tony Dungy announced this week his retirement as Head Coach for the Indianapolis Colts.  During the Press Conference, he was asked if he’d talked to his players since the announcement and he responded, “Our guys text now. I’ve gotten a lot of texts and I don’t text back as fast, so they haven’t heard from me quite as fast.” 


When we started doing market research about 3 years ago prior to starting our company, there were a lot of adults 30 and older who did not text…well at least not yet.  We’ve recently had an opportunity to talk to some of the same people who we initially spoke to and it’s ironic the number of people who said then that they don’t text and don’t intend to ever start are now texting quite often.  Why the change of heart?  We keep hearing the same story over and over.  My client, my child, my friend, my co-worker insisted on using this as a communication tool so I had to start.  Some said that they merely do it out of obligation to respond to the other party or so they at least have some communication with their teen or college age child.  Most, though, admitted that it has become a quite useful way for them to communicate.


So, do you remember the first time you sent a text and why?


Needless to say, we’re pretty happy that the number of people texting continues to grow.


By the way, Tony might not text fast but he was definitely quick to have an impact on the city of Indianapolis.  In addition to watching his success with the Colts, we’ve had the opportunity to see his philanthropic efforts up close.  We wish him the best as he continues his journey in life.