SMS, MMS API Error Codes

The SMS, MMS API returns a json encoded array with two values. The error code and error message.



0 – No Error.
The error_message parameter for a successful send will contain a message id. This message id can be used to look up the status of the message. We recommend that you save the message id for later use.

To Parameter

100 – The To Parameter is missing
101 – The To Number is not the correct length
102 – The To Number contains a non-numeric character

From Parameter

200 – The From Parameter is missing
201 – The From Number is not the correct length
202 – The From Number contains a non-numeric character

Body Parameter

300 – The Body Parameter is missing

MediaUrl Parameter

400 – The MediaUrl Parameter is missing
401 – The MediaUrl Parameter is invalid
402 – The media type is invalid. Only png, jpg, and gif are allowed
403 – The media is too large. All media files must be under 500KB

API_Key Parameter

500 – The API_Key Parameter is missing
501 – The API_Key is not valid

Keyword Parameter

600 – The Keyword Parameter is missing

Message Status

700 – The Message ID is invalid
701 – The Message status is being processed
702 – The Message was successfully Delivered
703 – The Message was not delivered and cannot be delivered