Mobile is changing Brand Awareness

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Getting the most out of your mobile marketing

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Mobile Dads are important too

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Unique SMS Use Case

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Mobile Marketing

Living in the Mobile World

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Mobile Marketing Infographic

How long could you be without a mobile device? Minutes, hours…certainly not days, right? For some of you, just thinking about that question may have caused you some anxiety. Most people have their phones on or near them nearly 24 hours a day, even when they sleep. We have been living in the mobile world for years and have gradually become dependent on our phones for so many things that we once used other non-mobile methods for such as an alarm clock, gaming system or a desktop computer. Mobile communications started with calls as cell phones became the norm. No longer did you have to wait for someone to be home or at the office to talk to them. Then SMS allowed us to reach people without having to call. Now we have mobile responsive websites, mobile responsive emails, MMS Marketing, mobile apps, mobile payments, mobile commerce, mobile banking, etc… You name it and there is likely to be a mobile version or application of it. We helped our friends over at the MarketingTechBlog put together this infographic detailing why you should focus on Mobile!

Mobile Infographic


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Phone with Text Offer for SalonConnective Mobile now has MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). This means that our customers can now send images, sound and video to their target audience in addition to longer text messages… and it won’t cost you or the end user anything additional to do so.

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Sending an image along with text allows our customers to engage even more with their fans. Restaurants can send an image of a new dish that they are offering just before the lunch or dinner hour to help people make their meal decision. Retail can send an image of new or popular items. Spas can help clients envision treating themselves to a luxury treatment. Doing a text promotion at an event? Include a sponsor logo in your messaging. We have already seen some great MMS campaigns. How will you use MMS?


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Blu-MartiniWe caught up with the owner of Forty Five Degrees and Blu Martini to learn a little bit of history on these hot hangouts.

What is the best selling item on your menu? 

FortyFive Roll or Blu Martini Roll: Crab Cream cheese, spicy sauce, avocado, cucumber, wrapped in soy paper. All of our sushi is great. We really have well rounded menu items.

What is your most popular martini?

Depends on the season. We have over 30 martinis to choose from on our list.

Note:  The Carmel Candy Apple Martini is a great fall choice!

You’ve created a unique ambiance in each location-what’s the story behind your choices?

I just wanted a modern interior and something different for our city.

Holidays are just around the corner-how can people plan to gather at Forty Five Degrees or Blu Martini to celebrate with their friends and colleagues?

People can call the restaurants individually Blu Martini 317.566.8650  Forty Five Degrees 317.634.4545 or they can email me at We host many of these parties and it’s not too early to book them now.  No party is too big or too small for us and we always can fit a party within a budget.

What other events are coming up?

Please see the calendar pages of both websites: and   We have so much going on and our calendars are always updated.

fortyfiveWhat type of texts can people in your Text Club expect to get from you?

 Info about events and specials.

 Note: Not in their text club yet?  Join now!

Text:  45   To:  71813 


Text:  BLU  To:  71813

Only your standard text messaging rates apply.

Anything else you want people to know?

We have great drink specials almost every night of the week. We welcome large parties and groups, and we serve great food including sushi.


Want to learn more?

Texting While Driving

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Car and Driver did a great study comparing texting while driving to driving while intoxicated. It is definitely worth reading. You can read it here: Texting While Driving