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smallphoneWhat is Text Message Marketing? Text Message Marketing is sending text messages (sms) to mobile phones for the purpose of promoting your business, product or service.

Why would I use text messaging as a marketing medium? Text message Marketing places your message directly in the hands of your consumer, no matter where they are or the time of day.

How many people text? According to a September 2008 PEW Internet Project Study, 59% of All Mobile Subscribers Text on a regular basis, 66% of Ages 30-49 text on a regular basis, and 81% of Ages 18-29 text on a regular basis.

How do I use text messaging in marketing? Text Messaging Marketing is best used as a part of an overall marketing strategy. We have seen mobile calls to action placed on billboards, business cards, posters, table tents, facebook, myspace, tv ads and websites. All of these seem to be very effective in spurring consumers to sign up to get your messages.

Does text message marketing (text advertising) work in my business? We have found text messaging to be effective in almost all consumer oriented businesses. We offer products specifically tailored to Restaurant, Retail, Real Estate, Conferences, and Events.

How effective is texting in advertising? There are many different studies that attribute varying degrees of success with text messaging. The rate of return in these studies ranges from 12% up to 80%. Our experience has been that our customers that integrate texting into their overall marketing strategy experience a response rate between 12% and 30%.

Do I have to send a special deal or offer every time? No, we find that our most effective mobile campaigns are those that intermix specials (coupons, deals, etc…) with information texts, such as “great band playing tonight” or “come join us to support xxx”.

But I don’t text. Generally speaking, your marketing campaign isn’t about you! It is about communicating with your target demographic in a manner in which they prefer. So even if you don’t text, 81% of your customers probably do. Do you want to miss them because you don’t text?  Our easy to use web based system will allow you to set up your text campaigns all online.

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About Adam

Adam Small is the CEO of Connective, LLC, which owns Connective Mobile and Digital Home Info. Connective Mobile is a text messaging solution offering group texting, subscription management, both SMS and MMS, and a robust API that's integrated as a third party solution for major marketing technology platforms. Digital Home Info is a Real Estate Marketing Platform that provides lead generation, digital marketing and CRM services to the real estate industry.